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AMSDA Welcomes you

"Disability is not a world apart but a part of the world.The Association AMSDA, aware of this, works to break down every barriers and counting on the help of all the world, thanks in advance"


Support AMSDA

First we want to thank you because if you are reading it , it means that you are interested about this project, and how to support us into this initiative , so THANK YOU is the smallest thing that we can tell you.  After, if you think in the same way as we do, and if  you want to give a smile to the disable you can make a donation with any amount. Your support is crucial to make win the solidarity, to defeat the prejudices, to ensure autonomy and independence.


There are several ways to support services and initiatives of AMSDA. For donations:


  • Wire transfer: Unicredit SpA  To: Associazione Amsda Onlus


          Iban: IT34J0200858480000101866762 Bic:UNCRITB1LAI




Also Big Ass Porn is possible make a donation online trough the most safiest and protected system PAYPAL, by the major credit cards, cliking on the following botton.




Simply click on the PayPal button to start your donation and then follow the option on the PayPal checkout under 'Don't have a PayPal account'. Enter your billing information and PayPal will process your credit or debit card payment.


Visa Mastercard Discover Carta prepagata PayPal Postepay American Express Carta Aura



Help us to help

Drop on drop we cre propecia online ate a river,
a sea an ocean. Solidarity
is an intrinsic hentai porno good of our being.
Your celebrity nude contribution creates the future.







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